Kappa Mikey!

Don't you see the man is Kappa Mikey!

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Welcome to the Kappa Mikey Community, a live journal community dedicated to the Nicktoons Original Series, Kappa Mikey!

What's Kappa Mikey about, you ask? To put it simply, Kappa Mikey is about a struggling American actor named Mikey Simon, who wins a scratch off ticket to become the main character in a Japanese action show called "LilyMu". He flies off to become the biggest star in all Tokyo, but has some trouble fitting in with the people and customs of Japan...and ends up getting himself and his fellow cast members into all kinds of trouble!

Kappa Mikey is currently shown every Friday, Saturday and Sunday on "The Three-Headed Monster" on Nicktoons Network at 8pm and again at 10:30pm EST. It's also shown on Nickelodean sometimes, but there isn't a set schedule for it on there.

Kappa Mikey is Sushi Love

As for the community, the only rules I have are no flaming, stealing people's fanart/fics, credit MUST be given if you use someone's icons, and please use lj cuts for large pics/stories. Please be mature and respectful. That's all.

Please be sure to check out the official website for more information:


Also, check out this fan made website too, it's great!


The community to be moderated by ebonystarfire Please address any questions or concerns to her. Thanks! :D